The Duncan Family

It is so amazing and fun when I get repeat clients; I love seeing their families grow and documenting them at different stages of life. I’ve had the privilege of knowing the Duncans for several years now and gotten to work with them multiple times. They are truly the sweetest family. The way Adam and Michelle lovingly care for their family is a joy to see. Just look at them, you can see the tender, patient way they interact even through photos! I love these guys.

Dellinger + Mohammed Crew

I love working on extended family sessions and these guys were no exception. Mr. & Mrs. Dellinger are so apparently still in love with each other and that has clearly spilled over into their precious family. They were all so joyful and loving and capturing this entire family was such a delight. Seriously, they are just so cool. Looking through these pictures again makes me smile. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

The Askin Family

The Askins were so much fun to work with. I just absolutely love when I get to capture families that genuinely love each other and arent afraid to show it. These guys were so awesome. And wow, how privileged I felt being able to spend this beautiful summer evening with them before they sent their oldest, Danny, off to the Air Force the next day. What an honor!

Spencer + Brenna – engagement session

These very well may be some of my favorite images that I’ve ever taken. There are so many reasons I love this session….I mean, hiking in the woods with this beautiful couple was pretty awesome…but mainly it’s because THIS IS MY BROTHER YOU GUYS!!! It is the coolest thing ever to grow up beside one of your best friends, go through life with them, pray through singleness with them, and then watch them find the love of their life. Wow. And ya’ll, these two were possibly the happiest, most in-love couple ever. They positively glow. I literally just followed them down the path and documented them loving on each other…no posing necessary. I love these two so much.

Tabitha and Brian

Tabby and Brian had the most beautiful, whimsical, boho wedding imaginable and guess what? It rained. It poured buckets on their lovely day but you know what else? It was still incredible. I love it when couples don’t let the rain ruin their plans and still have a fantastic celebration…because getting married and rejoicing together is the most important thing ya’ll. And miraculously, the Lord gave us the most glorious little patch of sunlight at the end of the day so we were still able to capture some stunning couple portraits in the prettiest glowing light! It was a beautiful day.

Also, note to future couples, please have a vintage VW bus photo booth at your wedding. Seriously, it’s awesome.

Images second shot for Aja Skye Photography

Aja – Headshots

You guys, Aja is such a dear soul. I mean, just look at this girl; you can instantly tell she’s a ray of sunshine! She went off and moved to Florida on me awhile back and I was so thrilled when she came back to NC in June and we were able to shoot another wedding together. Just like old times. 🙂 While she was in town, we took advantage of the visit to grab some updated head shots! And let me tell you, sessions with Aja are never free of adventure….envision standing in the middle of the road to get that perfect shot and then getting strange comments from passing bikers. That’s one of our more mild stories. We’ve definitely had our share of……interesting……experiences doing shoots together, haha.

Love this girl so much and had a blast pulling together just a few of my favorites of her for you to enjoy….

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