I had every intention of rounding up my favorite photos from the year and putting together a “favorites from 2017,” year-in-review, type post.  Let’s just say, life happened and that post did not.  🙂  So, even though that particular post did not get written, I did want to take a moment to stop and be thankful for this last year.  It has really been one for the books!

Since I was 14 years old, I’ve known I wanted to start a photography business one day.  I graduated and thought that would be a good time, but the Lord had other plans.  His timing is so perfect, though, and so the year after my high-school graduation found me sitting in a coffee shop with my parents, pitching this crazy idea to them.  I sat there with a bullet-listed paper in my hand, trembling with excitement.  It was my little game plan, complete with a mission statement and a logo.  Haha.  My parents heard me out and then prayed with me over this idea of mine.  They had a peace about it.  I had a peace about it.  The time was right.  So I made several life changes, dropped some commitments and, with no business know-how at all, Hannah Catherine Photography was born.  My brother showed me the world of spreadsheets, a friend blessed my socks off with website help, and several precious, brave friends hired me.  Thank you guys, you are the best!

It’s been a year since that coffee shop brainstorming session.  Since then I have had so many amazing opportunities.  I have made mistakes, I have blundered my way through this first year of business, and I have learned SO MUCH.  I have worked with precious families, incredible couples, and some pretty fabulous seniors.  🙂  God is good and I am so, so grateful.  Grateful for those first courageous clients.  Grateful for the priceless friends and fellow photographers who have aided me in my journey.  Grateful to the Lord for His grace and His goodness.  And grateful that I get to go at it again in 2018, this crazy wonderful job that I love so much.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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