Von and Teri – Married

He asked her out for karaoke and she turned him down.  He asked her again and again, she refused.  He finally stopped inviting her, but he kept praying, until one day Teri asked Von why he never asked her out to karaoke anymore?  As you have probably guessed, the rest was history.  🙂

Von and Teri’s wedding day was undeniably full of joy, emotion, and the love of family and friends.  There was excitement, there were happy tears, and there was the presence of the Lord.

Enjoy my favorites from their beautiful Pretty Place Chapel wedding.

 Second shot for Sliver of Eternity Photography



During the ceremony, Von and Teri released butterflies as the song “Redeemed” was sung in the background, symbolizing how we are made new in Christ. There were chills running up my arms.

Von’s reaction when the preacher said “You may kiss your bride” was priceless!



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