The Haven Sessions

Haven: a place of safety or refuge.

According to Merriam-Webster, a haven is a place of safety or refuge.  Our homes are just that: a place that provides safety and refuge in this chaotic world, a place to retreat and find peace. Maybe it’s a particular spot in your home, or simply the little moments that make up your day. This is the heart and inspiration behind the Haven Sessions: to capture those places and moments that make your home feel safe, peaceful, and secure.

What is a Haven session, you may ask? A Haven Session is an in-home, lifestyle session. We have a consultation before I get there to discuss what specific moments you want captured, and then I spend 2-3 hours quietly documenting you as you read books with your kiddos, prep dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood, or enjoy snuggles on the couch. Unlike a typical photoshoot, I give little to no direction or posing. My desire is to document those ordinary, magical moments that make up your day without interference. Everyone’s Haven is different, and I want your images to reflect what makes your home a Haven to you!

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