The Front Steps Project

What is The Front Steps Project?

Started by the incredible Cara Soulia Photography, The Front Steps Project is a way to bring people together and give back to our community in this time of isolation and distance. Chances are, like the rest of us, this is a weird time for you. The kids are home from school and maybe you’re working from home yourself. I can just imagine us looking back and going, “Wow. Remember when we were all quarantined at home together during the Corona Virus?” Well then, this is a way for you to get a fun family photo to commemorate this crazy season while giving back to our community and helping those in need!

How does it work?

I show up at your house and we shoot for 5 minutes on your front porch. I promise to uphold social distancing and keep the proper distance away, but still provide smiles and laughter and hopefully a sense of being together in this time of feeling alone. I’ll email your picture to you pronto and it will also be featured on my Facebook and Instagram as a part of the project! The session is completely free of charge, but do I ask that you take the money you might have spent on the photo and donate it to a local charity or nonprofit. There are a couple listed below with links to help you find where to contribute. Just click on the ministry you are interested in and it will take you to their donations page. This is how we give back!

Where to give:

Questions? Thoughts? Ready to book your front steps session and start bringing our community together? Shoot me an email at, or hop over the contact page! I’m so excited to start this project with you!