The Duncan Family

It is so amazing and fun when I get repeat clients; I love seeing their families grow and documenting them at different stages of life. I’ve had the privilege of knowing the Duncans for several years now and gotten to work with them multiple times. They are truly the sweetest family. The way Adam and Michelle lovingly care for their family is a joy to see. Just look at them, you can see the tender, patient way they interact even through photos! I love these guys.

Dellinger + Mohammed Crew

I love working on extended family sessions and these guys were no exception. Mr. & Mrs. Dellinger are so apparently still in love with each other and that has clearly spilled over into their precious family. They were all so joyful and loving and capturing this entire family was such a delight. Seriously, they are just so cool. Looking through these pictures again makes me smile. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

The Askin Family

The Askins were so much fun to work with. I just absolutely love when I get to capture families that genuinely love each other and arent afraid to show it. These guys were so awesome. And wow, how privileged I felt being able to spend this beautiful summer evening with them before they sent their oldest, Danny, off to the Air Force the next day. What an honor!

The Burrells

Ever since Adrienne first emailed me about family photos, I knew this was going to be a fun session, and that certainly proved to be true.  I could tell almost immediately that this family loved each other; the way they interacted and loved on each other was a privilege to witness.  These guys were such a blast to work with and were total naturals in front of the camera.  The nailed each pose and rolled with every silly idea I threw their way…the boys even contributed a few ideas of their own!  I loved getting to spend the evening with the Burrells, getting to know them better and capturing their beautiful family.

The Honeycutt Family

“I’ve found the perfect spot for pictures!”  When Sharon excitedly scrolled through her phone and showed me this spot that she had discovered at the base of Triple Falls, I was in love.  And even though Josh wouldn’t go down the falls for an action shot, I’m still pretty excited about the images we got. 😉  Working in beautiful mountain locations with dear families like this one has got to be one of my favorite things.  I had such a blast with these guys!  They are the sweetest family and getting to know them has been such a blessing.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session:

The McCall Family

I’ve known Alisha loosely for a couple of years now through Upward Sports and just recently started attending church with her family.  I loved getting the chance to work with these guys and hang out with them for the evening!  They were full of personality and it was such a blast getting to capture their family together.


The Honeycutt Family

The Honeycutts are just the best.  Not only were they total naturals in from of the camera, they were naturals at loving on each other.  As I was busy photographing one person I would turn around to find Timmy bear-hugging someone or Ronnie and Adrienne sneaking a kiss.  They were genuinely loving one another, not because the camera was pointed at them, but because that’s just how they roll.  It was a such a joy to capture this sweet family!  Enjoy my favorites from their session:

Mark and Jordan – Maternity Session

I’ve known Mark ever since he was about 12 years old and now here he is, married to the lovely Jordan (who is just awesome) and expecting their first child!    I’ve decided that watching your friends grow up and start families of their own is pretty much the coolest thing ever.  I am so excited that I got to be a small part of documenting their journey.

I had such a blast capturing Mark and Jordan together!  Not only are these two basically models, they are also devoted to one another and to the Lord.  Just by talking to them for a few minutes, the love that they have for God is so evident and is a blessing to witness.  Enjoy a few of my favorites of this beautiful couple!

This girl right here.  She is STUNNING!  Motherhood suits her, don’t you think? 

I loved all of the little props that Jordan brought along to incorporate into their session!  One of my favorites was this book.  These guys literally sat in the park and read aloud to their baby about the goodness of God.  Cue the happy tears.

The Blaylocks – Rustic Hendersonville Family Session

The Blaylocks are such a special family.  Over a year ago, when I was just beginning Hannah Catherine Photography, they were the very first brave friends to hire me. 🙂  It was so much fun to shoot with them again this year and see how much their family has grown!  And speaking of growing, the Blaylocks have exciting news; the Lord has just added Knox to their family through adoption.  I was thrilled when Rebekah told me that they wanted to do a special family photo as an announcement.  What an exciting event to be able to help announce!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this awesome family’s session:

The Metzger Family

You might remember these guys from Matt and Samantha’s maternity session (here).  I was over the moon excited when we got the announcement that little Scarlet had arrived and even more excited when Samantha contacted me for family photos!  I had such a wonderful time hanging out with this sweet family and capturing them with their precious new addition.  Even though it rained on the day of their shoot, they rolled with the punches and I am thrilled with the images we got.  Enjoy!


Based on personal experience, I’ve always said every girl needs an older brother.  I’d say this little lady is all set with two who adore her. 🙂

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